Privacy or Stupidity

Hello Guys ..

I think we all (I mean people who are interested in Infosec) know what happened with WikiLeaks and Vault7 So I don’t have to tell you, otherwise for those of you who don’t know what happened long story short Wikileaks leaked CIA documents, methods and important files that is really classified .. so my goal today is to explain somethings that I think it’s already has bean explained a lot but let me just explain it one more time.. privacy is one of the great things that we have in life and we really have to protect it, But sadly people don’t do an efforts to protect it and you could see this more easily in social media when people share almost everything in their entire life from 7 O’clock in the morning till they sleep at night, They share every single detail of their daily life including their problems! Don’t they think this is a stupid thing to do because there are many companies who lives on your information, they collect information about you to analysis it and build a profile about you and they sell it to highest bidder! For the sake of this argument, let assume that you don’t share your information on public social media like Twitter or Facebook for example but you share your entire life on snapchat capture every single corner in your house!! why you do that? ..Haven’t you ever once suspicious that Snapchat doesn’t delete your photos or videos! believe it or not they know you better than you know yourself!  So why you store your life in companies databases,   You know why because you forget but they don’t forget all of your shameful moments that apparently will be public as soon as this company get hacked and most hackers publish the data to the whole world and guess what your information will be with this stream of data ! But also let’ assume that you don’t share your information on social media, still you have to communicate with your friends so you will have to use some messaging services which share your data with 3rd party companies and you accept that without full knowledge since you haven’t read privacy policy.  and then you will go with some commercial apps that you don’t know anything about, what I write above is some examples of some situations that we see everyday and I can go all night long with these situations but the moral of the story is you have to change your online habits you have to be careful about what you are using and what information you provide to these companies, the wikileaks documents are very important to follow because they cover what the intelligence agencies are doing and what methods they use to hijack and store out information, and these documents will give you the latest applications and services that we should stop using because it effect our privacy ..So, what’s your decision .. Maintaining your Privacy or Maintaining your Stupidity?

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